Prior Initiatives

The UCI Academic Initiative program seeks to unravel some of the world’s most challenging problems through cross-discipline collaboration.

A key component of the UCI strategic plan is to invest in growth that makes a difference. The Academic Initiatives program not only promotes interdisciplinary partnership, but also encourages research, educational programs, inclusive excellence, outreach and community engagement – all key elements in addressing the world’s grand challenges.

Below are three of UCI’s first Academic Initiatives. 

This Initiative was established to promote scholarly activities and innovative discoveries in fields associated with movement, i.e. exercise medicine, sports science and rehabilitation and was dedicated to enhancing human health and wellness through teaching, basic and translational research, development of innovative technologies, service to the community, and clinical activities.

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The Sustainability Initiative provided a platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the critical climate, environment, and resource issues confronting society. It promoted collaborations with diverse communities on and off campus in developing solutions to challenges affecting California and the globe. 

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The Salton Sea Initiative was part of the Water UCI and Sustainability Initiatives. This Initiative included a multidisciplinary group that built connections among communities concerned about the sustainability challenges facing the Salton Sea region.

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