• Elderly woman in hospital bed with dog as another woman sits next to the bed.
  • Man looks at daughter at UCI Homecoming fair.
  • Water polo ball hitting crash test dummy mannequin.
  • Professor discussing California drought with students.
  • Woman in field with irrigation system.
  • House near ocean.
  • Dr. William Cooper touching the ocean at Crystal Cove State Park.

Academic Initiatives were established by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor to support inter-school collaborations. Find out more.

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Academic Initiatives

The mission of the Initiative to End Family Violence is to be the premier site for research, education, clinical care, and community collaboration on family violence prevention and intervention.

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The Microbiome Initiative will promote multidisciplinary collaboration in the study and understanding of human and environmental microbiomes.

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Oceans are important for the Earth System but are vulnerable to human impacts such as climate change, overfishing, and pollution. Across campus, researchers at UCI are tackling pressing marine and on-shore environmental concerns and investigating questions at both global and local scales.

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